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Safety for motors,
temperature protection for batteries and connectors

Temperature measurement and overheatingprotection

E-mobility is gaining in importance not only through battery-electric and hybrid passengercars, but also through e-scooters, e-bikes, municipal vehicles and electrically powered forklifts. Microtherm Sentronic has accompanied industry earlybirds in early electrification projects from the outset and has gained extensive experience in the development and manufacture of application-specific temperature management systems.

Electric motors and
charging connectors Temperature sensor



  • Overtemperature protection andtemperature-dependentfunction management for electric motors andcharging connectors
  • Sensor element mounted and sealed in aprotective sleeve
  • Possible as a module with various customer-suppliedInterfaces
  • Development, prototype construction andplanning of the plants by Microtherm Germany
  • Series production at Microtherm China inaccordance with IATF 16949
  • Test data: Thermal shock, humidity test,high and low temperature storage, vibrationtest,electromagnetic compatibility EMC,electrostatic discharge ESDdischarge ESD, high pressure jet, high voltagetest,Characteristic curve measurement
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NTC temperature sensor assembly integrated into the stator of the electric drive motor
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PT1000 temperature sensor integrated in the charging connector or in the electric drive motor
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left NTC temperature sensor (sectional view)
right PT1000 temperature sensor (sectional view)
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