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Measure. Protect. Control.

We protect your product.

Microtherm Sentronic GmbH is a globally represented manufacturer of innovative and technically high-quality components for temperature limitation and sensor technology. Our products are used in a wide range of industrial applications, in the automotive industry, e-mobility, electronics, household technology and many other areas of application.

The Microtherm Group has international production sites, innovative manufacturing processes and competent development. Our IATF certification makes us an expert cooperation partner for our business partners - not only for the automotive industry.

Microtherm Group

Our head office is located in Pforzheim-Würm. From there, we have been successfully active with our products for more than 50 years, with further production and sales locations worldwide. In addition to our, headquarters in Pforzheim-Würm, Microtherm Group also operates locations abroad:

  • Brazil, sales location
    Microtherm do Brasil Ltda.
  • India,
    Microtherm India Private Limited
  • Canada, sales and production site
    Canadian Thermostats & Control Devices Ltd.
  • Czech Republic, sales and production site
    Microtherm CZ s.r.o.
  • China, sales and production site
  • Microtherm Electronic Technology (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. and
    Microtherm Electronic Trade (Shanghai)  Co., Ltd.
  • Italy, sales location and branch office
    Microtherm GmbH Sede Italiana
  • USA, sales location