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Overheating protection
for electric motors
and heaters

Overheating protection for electric motors and heaters

Electric drives must not overheat inadmissibly, just as electric heaters mustnot overheat. Temperature sensors and bimetal switches from Microtherm Sentronic protect virtually any heating element from overheating in anyoperating state. The space-saving integrated components provide safety not only for operators of motor-driven machines and devices- and consumers but also the equipment which use these heated assemblies.

Application areas for overheating protection in motors and drives include:

  • Infrastructure and chemical plants, pumps for transporting liquid media such as water, oil and chemicals, pumps and
    compressors for gases, and generators for power generation in thermal power plants, wind and hydroelectric power plants
  • industrial machinery, automation hardware and scientific equipment
  • HVAC building equipment, fans for venti lation, cooling or air-conditioning, elevators, blinds or shutters
  • Medical technology, medication pumps or actuators for hospital beds
  • Mobility, actuators for convertible tops or brake venti lation systems



Applications for protective temperature limiters in and on heating systems include:

  • Household appliances coffee machines, kettles, hot plates, irons, hair dryers, water beds, ventilation hoods, dishwashers, washing machines and electric stoves
  • Electric braking systems and load resistors
  • ghti ng technology – transformers or dimmers
  • Building air conditioning, heating coils for air heating (HVAC)
  • IT infrastructure, server cabinets and farms
  • E-mobility, charging plugs for battery-electric vehicles
  • Medical technology: centrifuges and incubators
  • Renewable energy, inverter technology in photovoltaic systems and cooling of solar cells or wind turbines.

temperature switches

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Product examples – further designs on request

temperature sensors

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Product examples – further designs on request
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