Temperature sensors and thermistors (PTC-series)

Data sheet

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Temperature sensors of the YAM / EF1 type series are the PTC thermistor or the motor PTC, which are characterized by a sudden increase in resistance at a def. response temperature.

The special field of ​​these sensors lies in the area of ​​the heavy load motors (3-phase, 1-phase), in which no direct disconnection due to the high current is possible. The motor PTC is used as a sensor and, like a temperature switch, emits a very high resistance level from a certain response temperature level. Through this, for example, it is possible to switch a fuse by means of an evaluation unit.

  • very small size for a fast Response
  • Cable length standard 0.5m
  • Coding of the temperature through def. colours of the strands
  • Temperature sensor
  • Therm. motor protection
Application areas
  • electrically actuated motors
  • Heavy-duty Motors
  • Mechanical engineering


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