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Temperature sensors

Temperature sensors

Sensors of these series are used in the field of temperature measurement. The measured value determined by the sensor is used for overtemperature protection, to trigger functions or to display the measured temperature.

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Response temperatures: 90 - 160°C

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Temp. range: -40 - 170°C

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Temp. range: -40 - 180°C

General information

Temperature sensors and thermistors (PTC, NTC, STS, PT1000, et cetera)

Temperature sensors of the YAM / EF1 type series are the PTC thermistor or the motor PTC, which are characterized by a sudden increase in resistance at a def. response temperature.

Temperature sensors of the NTC type series describe a negative characteristic curve for an increasing temperature. They are often used as a favourable basis for the temperature control of a device.

Sensors of the STS type series are characterized by a temperature curve which is very similar to the (already partially terminated) KTY sensors, and offer an alternative solution.

The wide field of PT sensors is characterized by a very precise temperature characteristic curve across a wide temperature range. These sensors are designed customer-specific with hardly any exceptions.

  • jerky and linear sensor characteristics are possible
  • small installation space, therefore short reaction times
  • diverse customer-specific designs
  • precise temperature measurement
  • Thermal protection
  • Temperature measurement as a basis for the controlling
Application areas
  • PTC thermistor for motor protection and electronic applications
  • Electric Motors
  • Domestic appliances
  • Boiler and water heater
  • Coffee machines
  • Electric
  • Mechanical Engineering
  • Automobile