High temperature switch (K1 series)

Data sheet

You will receive a complete overview of all variations in connection with all the technical data in the following data sheet:


High-temperature switches of the K1 type series operate in a current-independent manner, and measure the temperature by means of a thermo-bimetal snap-disc. After reaching the defined temperature, the switch opens or closes the circuit of the device to be protected. When the switch-back temperature is reached, the contact system automatically switches back.

K1 switches function as auxiliary switches, which convey the temperature across the base plate directly to the bimetallic disc. The base plate and the housing are free of stress.

  • High temperature materials (ceramic, steel, mikanite)
  • fixed set temperature
  • automatic reset
  • various connection possibilities
  • Temperature limiter
  • Temperature Controller
Application areas
  • Oil burner
  • Welding / soldering equipment
  • Ironing Stations
  • Hotplates
  • Warming plates
  • Radiant warmers
  • Heating tapes


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